How to let customers buy at ease under the epidemic situation

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we cannot freely go to another country, visit factories to check the quality of products, and do on-site procurement as before. The coronavirus will continue for a period of time, in view of this situation, Mingding Group held an internal meeting with the theme of “quality-control strict ,Production process visualized ”. The representitives of sales department, R & D department and production department, product operation department, after-sales service department attended the meeting. Group President Eric put forward three requirements in the meeting: 1. Speed up the construction of the company’s live broadcast platform, so that customers can visit our factory while drinking coffee at home.2. The production progress of the customer’s products under production shall be shown to the customer in the form of video call in time: 3.Since it is not possible to go abroad to visit old customers for their services, the after-sales staff should contact the sales department and use a video call to ask about the the problems while customers using our machines. If they can solve the problem in the video call, they must give the best solution to the customers.

During the special period, we should make sure the quality of our products better and treat the quality as our life.The more careful we are in production, the less problems will be in the products.

During the meeting, we spoke to our representatives from Asia and Europe , who analyzed their respective markets and thanked the company for supporting in launching their business.

At the end of the meeting, Emma, the manager of Foreign Trade Department, read out a letter to the customers, in which it was mentioned that one time cooperation made lifelong friend. Although we are thousands of miles apart, our hearts are together.The virus will eventually be defeated by human beings, we will eventually meet again.

Congratulations to our India agent's opening of new showroom and warehouse6

Post time: Jun-11-2021