Congratulations to our India agent’s opening of new showroom and warehouse

On 10th,Jan,2020, our agent in India hold a grand opening ceremony for their new showroom and warehouse. Our General Manager Mr. Eric Wong, machinery department representatives and  technician attend the ceremony and ribbon-cutting.

The CEO of the agent first make a welcoming speech to thank the guests for being here and introduce about the new showroom and their vision for future development. He says that the development of the company cannot be achieved without the support of the customers and the support of the Chinese manufacturers. Customers trust is their impetus and the Chinese sale and service support is their confidence.

Our manager Mr. Eric Wong also make a speech for congratulations. He tells that we are looking forward to a much better and higher stage between the agent and us. We will spare no effort to support at any aspect. He specially explaine the advantage of the technology we are using for the peeling lines. We are the first one to use double roller driving and the most professional and experienced in this till now.

The most attracting things are the peeling machine line and related machinery demonstrated in front of the new showroom and the China and India flags flying in the sky. Dozens of thousands of guests come to the opening and it causes a sensation in Kerala. Too many customers show their great interest in the machines and make enquiry. Our managers and technician also help to introduce the machine functions, advantages and the operating. The guests are very impressed by the high technology of the wood peeling line. On the same day, our agent get at least 20 sets peeling machine order and receive the advance.

As a tradition, after the ceremony finish, the host and guests enjoy a very good lunch and everybody is telling benefit a lot from this. The opening comes to a successfully conclusion same as we hoped. We wish the agent get a better development in the coming days.

Congratulations to our India agent's opening of new showroom and warehouse1 Congratulations to our India agent's opening of new showroom and warehouse2 Congratulations to our India agent's opening of new showroom and warehouse3


Post time: Jan-10-2020