Linyi Mingding International Trade Co.,LTD, subsidiary company of Linyi Mingding Group, which is one of the most professional wood working machinery and wood products suppliers in China, was founded in 2011. During these years of development, we have been established our own system of manufacturing, selling and after-sale-service.


  • spindle wood peeling machine

    spindle wood peeling machine

    Spindle wood peeling machine machine is the main equipment for the plywood production, which can peel the log into veneer in a more stable and more accurate way. It can be used to peel different kinds of large diameter wood. The thickness of veneer produced by this machine is more uniform and the surface is more smooth comparing to spindleless peeling machine. Due to it’s high accuracy in thickness most of the machines are used for face veneer peeling which means less thickness veneer. But it can be used for producing high thickness veneer as well. Both are getting good results.

  • polishing sanding machine

    polishing sanding machine

    cambered special-shaped polishing machine is a new type of practical and efficient wood surface processing equipment.The machine adopts high-end imported intelligent equipment to completely improve the accuracy of wood board polishing, especially for the primer polishing accuracy, which is highly praised by the  high-end customers.

  • Vacuum drier

    Vacuum drier

    During the whole process from the beginning to the end of drying, the kiln is full of saturated superheated steam of which the highest temperature is 150℃. This ensure that the wood surface does not crack, at the same time, increase the wood surface humidity, reduce the moisture difference between the wood inside and the outside. What’s more, because of the high steam temperature, the temperature of the wood core can be raised fast. It takes only 20 hours for the 15cm diameter log to get the temperature of wood core at 80℃, which creates the best conditions for drying wood core material.

  • Veneer Peeling And Cutting Machine

    Veneer Peeling And Cutting Machine

    We mainly recommend our latest model of spindleless wood peeling machine, double roller driving model. Comparing with the spindle wood peeling machine, this machine advantages are that small diameter logs no problem to peel and it’s easier to operate and peeling speed is fast.

  • veneer stacker

    veneer stacker

    High speed veneer stacker, can greatly reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency, we have a number of models for you to choose, such as, roller type, pressure plate type, and the most advanced adsorption type. The main size of the stakcer is 4ft and 8ft. And we can do other size as customer requirement as well.

  • 4ft veneer production line

    4ft veneer production line

    Full Automatic high speed veneer production line is used for different diameters of wood peeling and related processing. Only need one person to operate. It saves more labour cost. At the same time, there’s no stop in producing, so the output is very much increased. Moreover, the fault rate is much lower.

  • 8ft&9ft veneer peeling line

    8ft&9ft veneer peeling line

    2700mm spindleless high speed wood veneer peeling machine is heavy duty log peeling lathe, use for hardwood and softwood both, such as eucalyptus, birch, pine and poplar. The surface of veneer we get will be double side smooth and thickness will be even everywhere. According to customer demand, we can do fixed speed model and speed-adjustable model. Both of the models are getting good performance and compliment from customers.

    The 8ft peeling machine are sold mainly to the Turkey, Indonesia, Russia and the US and some other countries. Its been highly praised by all these customers. We have got the CE certificates. And SGS will be provided if customer need. 

  • knife grinder

    knife grinder

    The machine is controlled by CNC program,which is easy ,convenient and reliable to operate,with high automation.

    We use the casting method to produce the body frame.The side frame is using the national standard double steel plate and the inner lining strong bars, which fully guarantees the overall stability of the machine.It assures no vibration, no deformation.

  • edge trimming saw

    edge trimming saw

    This machine is using Siemens servo motor, PLC automatic control system. The running is very smooth and efficient and high precised. It’s applied to cutting off the edges of all kinds of boards such as HPL, PVC foam board,plywood and mdf and other wood boards .

    Ordinary size for the longitudinal cutting: 915-1220mm (adjustable), transverse cutting 1830-2440mm (adjustable) .Other  customized sizes are ok to book.

  • log debarker

    log debarker

    Log rounding debarker is used for peeling off the log skin and make the raw log to be round, after debarking it will be easy for the peeling lathes to peel and the veneer thickness will be even without big variation, also can increase the peeling lathes working life.

  • plywood production line

    plywood production line

    Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture and one of the three main wood-based panels.It can also be used for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, construction and packing etc.Plywood can improve the utilization rate of wood. It’s a main way to save wood.